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7 Foods To Hydrate You During The Summer


We all know watermelon is on the top of everyone’s list for summer treats and it’s so sweet and refreshing, but here are some other things that are actually better to hydrate you since watermelon is only 92%.

1.  Cucumbers.  96% water.

2.  Iceberg lettuce, also 96%.  There aren’t many vitamins in it, but lots of water.

3.  Celery, 95% water.

4.  Radishes, 95%.

5.  Romaine lettuce, 95%.

6.  Tomatoes, 94%.

7.  Zucchini, 94%.

Like watermelon, a LOT of other fruits and veggies are 92% water:  The list includes strawberries, asparagus, bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, and spinach.

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