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Top Passive-Aggressive Things Coworkers Say When You Wear Inappropriate Items to Work


We all have the peanut gallery in our office, right? Well no need to be a snarky smart a$$…. have any of your workers said these things?

-Laundry day?

-Well, someone’s embracing her curves!

-I LOVE that top! Where’s the bottom?

-I can cover your shift if you want to sneak home and change.

-Why don’t you work in the stock room today?

-Don’t worry. Sometimes I forget I no longer work from home, too.

-May I take a picture of you for HR?

-I know you’re in the office, but why don’t you use Zoom for today’s meeting.

-I wish I had your body positivity.

-Just a friendly reminder: Most people wear pants to work.

I mean yes, there’s ways to bring it up to your co workers, but maybe in a better way…..

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